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The Lannamer Chronicle: the Karsekarzlen Bucks (Reiassan Demifiction)


In all the world, in all the land, there are no goats as beautiful, nor as skillfully trained, as the Karsekarzlen Goats.

These goats are bred specially for grace, coloration, horn twist, and length of leg, and they are raised only in the remote mountain city of Karsekarzi, by a family as old as the goat bloodline and older: unsurprisingly, the Karsekarzlen family.

This week, Lannamer was treated to the rare Karsekarzlen Goat Show, which tours the continent and only comes to Lannamer every third year. The goats and their handlers performed to a sold-out amphitheater, as they always do, with the less fortunate gathering outside, hoping for a place to open up.

This reporter was there, under the benevolent aegis of the Lannamer Chronicle, and had the chance to see the Karsekarzlen Bucks for the second time in her life.

They are a sight to behold! They are a hand1 taller than your average war-goat, more narrow in the withers and rump, and with a long and graceful neck. They are a lovely chestnut color in fur, and their horns are nearly pure white, and twisted like a corkscrew.

The Karsekarzlen family has all of their tack custom made, and it is just as lovely, if not more so, than the goats. Green and blue and silver adorn them, even to the tips of their horns, and every step flashes.

Not only do the goats put up with this sort of treatment, where lesser goats would balk and buck, they seem to enjoy it. And in their paces – based on ancient war maneuvers, but looking more like a dance than a fight – you can see clearly the enjoyment, in every handler and in every goat.2

My readers, if you can make it to a showing of the Karsekarzlen Bucks – they are in town for three more nights, and I hear that the last night still has tickets available – please do. They are a sight you may never see again, and well worth the cost.

1. Term here translates as “knot” but means, pretty much, “hand;” a unit of measurement about 4″ or a decimeter long

2. If you think I recently watched a special on the Lipizzaner Stallions, you’d be right.

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