June 22 – June 30 in the Apocalypse

The Apoc

In the end of May, 2011, strange things started happening all over the world. Follow along with [personal profile] faeapoclive, [twitter.com profile] faeapoclive, and [tumblr.com profile] faeapoclive as the apocalypse unfolds


ATHENS, Greece(AP): The Acropolis of Athens, built in the fifth century B.C., is an ancient citadel located on a high rocky outcrop above the city of Athens. It encompasses the ruins of several famous buildings, including the well-known Parthenon.
However, in the past weeks, the citadel has gone from ruins to complete buildings. The stone and marble gleam. Tapestries hang from the walls. And in the center of the Parthenon, a throne is being occupied by an eight-foot-tall man.



KUSHIRO, Hokkaido(AP): Residents first noticed a lack of birds over a week ago, but nobody was certain about the loss until yesterday, when scientists confirmed what people were saying.

According to ornithologists, there are no birds within a 20-mile circle of Kushiro, not flying in nor out nor around.

Scientists are baffled by this, but continue to work on theories. Many residents, fearing the worst, have already evacuated.



United Nations Building, NYC(AP): Chasidy Royal, a translator for the Sudanese delegation to the UN, stood up today in the middle of a closed session and began shouting.

“All hail,” she is quoted as saying. “The almighty, the most beautiful, the powerful are coming. All hail she who is Queen of them all. All hail she who will lead the armies across the plains. Bow down now or be destroyed.”

Royal then proceeded to repeat the phrase in Sudanese, French, and Italian before she was removed from the room.



LAS VEGAS, Nevada(AP): The mayor of Las Vegas has ordered the woman calling herself Aphrodite – who has declared herself Queen of Las Vegas – removed from the city limits on pain of arrest. Although no formal charges were drawn up, police – and a number of non-uniformed self-appointed enforcers – have gathered to carry out the Mayor’s word.

Neither the Queen nor the Mayor could be reached for comment.



AFRICA: Reports from across the continent today all say similar things: anywhere in Africa and the Middle East last night, anyone looking at the sun saw instead a bloody orb, red and fiery, twice the size as the moon normally is.

Even satellites, if orbiting over Africa at the time, report the same images, and telescopes and film evidence rule out mass hallucination.

Scientists are, as they have been for several weeks, completely baffled.



LAS VEGAS, Nevada: The woman calling herself Aphrodite, the Queen of Las Vegas, has issued a statement. In it she declares “I am the sovereign leader of the City of Las Vegas. All others who claim to be in charge are false idols and liars and will be removed as such.”

The Mayor of Las Vegas, in a separate statement, declared, once again, that Aphrodite was to be removed from Las Vegas; the Governor of Nevada seconded this and the Nevada State Police have issued a warrant for Aphrodite’s arrest.



ATHENS, Greece(AP) The man calling himself Zeus has declared that all of Athens will be shut down to accommodate his wishes – not only virgins, as he first demanded, but feasts and luxuries “as befits the king of gods.”

In a country beset by austerity, crisis, and chaos, such things are hard to find, but the people of Athens seems to be doing their best to accommodate their new “god.”

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