Takes a Village to Build a City, a ficlet of Boom Town/Cynara

It was a pretty story to say that she’d built the city alone, but Cya wasn’t – wasn’t insane in that manner.

Gaheris and Trenton helped her design the city, with books and plans spread out over her kitchen table. It was Trenton who reminded her to include places for worship, for those who had gods who weren’t murderous dead bastards.

It was Daveon she tracked down first – and it was remembering Daveon, in an old-home reminisce about The Old Days Before the War, that got her thinking about the city in the first place.

She’d met Daveon on the job, back when jobs were something she did to earn money and not to survive, spent a few very-very discreet evenings with him, and then, when the job moved on to another location, they’d remained friends. Finding fae out in the world, fae you could talk to, was rare and to be treasured; finding friends, even rarer.

Back before the world ended, Daveon had been a power plant engineer. When she’d found him, he’d been a bored farmer and a junkyard engineer. Getting him to come work for her was almost no effort at all. Getting back to the site where her city would be, that was trickier: Daveon had been living in Florida.

After she had the base wall up, after she’d built her first block of houses, the electrician was the second one she went looking for.

This time she stretched her power: Find me an electrician, who can do the work I need and is willing to relocate to do it. Find me someone who has the skills and inclination and personality I need.

More than four decades after the end of the world, that wasn’t the easiest thing to find. In the end, she found herself in Texas, making a deal with a fae on his third life since the war, or, rather, making the deal with his wife and their oldest daughter.

The third person she went looking for was a teleporter.

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  1. Gonna be innerestin’! • discrete evenings → discreet > Lots of people confuse these. Look them up. Mnemonics: — The “t” in “discrete” keeps the e’s separated. — “Discreet” as in “between the sheets”.

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