Chewing on Character Motivations

[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith was talking about character motivations, and it occurs to me that I could use some work on that topic.

Err, my writing that is, although I couldn’t exactly tell you what my motivations are, either…<.<

This is placeholder post until I get some more time to think about this.

So! Either:

* Name a character of mine, any character of mine, and I will come up with a piece of their motivation.

* Say “random,” and I will use a random date generator to pick a day & a piece from that day, and tell you something about /their/ motivation.

* Tell ME something about a character’s motivation (mine or someone else’s), and we can discuss.

* Rozen
* Maureen, Lady Foxglove
* Rin
* Caitrin

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0 thoughts on “Chewing on Character Motivations

    • Good question! Hrrrm. Radar, radar, radar. The kitty has an agenda, and I’m not sure what it is. I believe it has a lot to do with being happier attached to a strong witch. It’s NOT the well-being of the family as a whole, but I don’t think it’s as selfish as just-his-own-happiness, either, as much as he likes to pretend.

      • He tells the lavender kitten at some point that they were (well, that he was — she says she wasn’t) made to be their (the family’s, but I don’t remember if it was explicitly stated) friend(s). I’m not sure if that’s his motivation, or something layered on top, or whether he accepted or argued with it, or … yeah, lots and lots of open questions about Radar. 🙂 Fish, cream, and knowing more than the humans? Safety from something, on any of various scales? A secure home? He doesn’t seem much concerned about his non-talking kittens. Bypassing Eva (and a few other generations?) is interesting.

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