Please to pick a random number for me

Between  one and eighteen, to pic the next thing on my writing list

The list, not in order of its numbers, includes:

Clockwork Apoc
Fdomme: Blachalclchel
Demifiction Meme
Live** the apoc
Daily Prompt Friday Flash
update commish page
Rix Words!
More, please
Kelkyag Words!
Landing Page
Rion Writing Inspiration
Update publications! character meme via google
collate liveblog

(i.e., if you chose one, it will not be Clockwork Apoc.  But a number somewhere in the range of 1-18 will be.)

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0 thoughts on “Please to pick a random number for me

        • *grin* Yes, in the order yelled. I generally do this on Twitter, one number at a time. But I’ve got writing time today & tomorrow. At some point, I may reshuffle the list so there’s a chance of something getting picked twice, the way there usually is.

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