Character Meme Day Two – Clothing and Appearance (Tairiekie)

So, I decided to do a character meme, and this one showed up first on google. Because the theme of the month is Reiassan, I’m starting with Tairiekie.

Day 2:
How do they usually dress? What do they wear to sleep? Do they wear jewelry?

When not wearing a school uniform, Tairiekie prefers durable, comfortable clothing, in bright colors – often in those of the House she ends up in (Peach and Red) as both of her parents favor those colors.

She doesn’t often wear skirts, preferring loose pants, comfortable tunics, nothing that will bind or twist. Fashion is not her primary concern.

To sleep, she wears an under-tunic – an unfitted piece of clothing, sleeveless in summer and sleeved in winter, made out of undyed linen, often very heavily decorated on the hems.

Tairiekie doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, preferring a few small lapel pins and decorative buttons which her parents and friends have gifted her with over the years.

Is there anything about their appearance they wish they could change?
How would they look as [at?] the opposite sex?
What do they smell like? Why (do they wear the scent or does it occur naturally)?

If anything – Taikie is not all that interested in her appearance – she would prefer that she not have the yellowish undertone to her skin, which is only visible when she is inside for long periods of time, as in a long, cold winter.

She doesn’t have a lot of interest in boys right now – or romantic interest in girls, either – but enjoys spending time with people, socially.

/sniffs her/ She probably smells like grass and clay most of the time, or the goat-milk soap she washes with. She has a small bottle of sandalwood scent she has never used, which her grandfather gave her as a gift.

Do they have an accurate mental picture of their appearance (how they see themselves versus how the world sees them)? Physically, yes, in as much as she cares. Socially, not quite so much.

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