Reiassan Demifiction – History Text involving Rin & Girey

Chapter 7
The End of the War

This history of humanity on Reiassan begins with war, and it nearly ended with war.

The Peace Treaty of 758 would likely have ended as all other peace treaties between the Calenyena and the Bitrani had – with betrayal, deception, violence, and war – save for two facts.

The first – that the tacticians of the Calenyen army engineered a decisive blow against the Bitrani, one which left their army dead or demoralized, many of their officers captured, and their people ready to surrender – is discussed in great depth in Chapter 8.

This chapter focuses on the secondary but no less important reason for the lasting peace, a peace that has, as of this writing, held for two hundred and fifty-two years with only very minor skirmishes to mar its record: Prince Girey of Bitrani.

When the heir to the Calenyen throne, Arinyanca, returned home to Lannamer from the front, she brought with her a single captive, the sole surviving claimant to the Bitrani throne. There is a great deal of debate about her motives in doing so, but one piece of her own writing sums it up quite nicely:

    Left where he was, one of three things would quickly happen: he would die as an officer, his identity never known. He would be revealed as a Prince, and die thus to solidify the peace. Or he would escape and foment rebellion.
    I chose to make a fourth option.

With that choice, Arinyanca very likely shifted the history of our world.

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  1. This is so very cool! And much of it would make a decent blurb for the novel/novella when done. *makes puppy eyes* Done soon?

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