A Week In Alder

The Highlights

A Few Stories
Through the Blank Plains
Robot – both in the Clockwork Apoc.
Bad Reception – in the Faerie Apoc setting.
The Daily Grind – for [community profile] dailyprompt: Every day, the same ‘ol grind.

A Bit of My Life
The Hazards of Being Sick & Grown-Up
Spanish Rice (Recipe Blogpost)

My Webserials
Edally Academy: Interlude – The Dormitories
Jumping Rings: Chapter Four – Duck

Feedback Requested
A Meme! – Give me a line of a story I haven’t Written
Character Motivations – Name any character of mine

Other People: Book Launches
Toad Words by ursulav
Vinny the Armadillo Makes a Friend! by haikujaguar
Some Things Transcend and 2nd Edition Even the Wingless by haikujaguar

Other People: Prompt Calls
K Orion Fray has a Prompt Call open for fiction – the theme is revenge.
[personal profile] inventrix is looking for demifiction prompts for her Saeland (Invisible Dragons) setting.


Clockwork Apocalypse
The Job – Three Word Wednesday
The Easy Way & Hard (for Three-Word Wednesday)

Addergoole & Post-Apoc
The Clean-Up (Post-Addergoole Apoc: Baram’s Elves)
Not All Bad (Blaecleah’s story, Yr 27)
Rick-(steam)Rolled by Loooove (songfic)
The Dead Gods Come Visiting
Reynard Spills His Story – Reynard’s story (post-apoc)
…Tied up With String♪♪

Reiassan – Steam
Character Meme – Tairiekie
Character Meme – Tairiekie

Reiassan Demifiction
Pieces of non-fiction written in a fictional fantasy setting
The Prompt Call
Shoes & Fashion
History Text
Notes from Sandrenno of Ferania
Book Review: The Ideztozhyuh Strode Out of the Mountain
Wanted Poster

Boom Town & Doomsday Academy
Center Street

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