0 thoughts on “How to Quit Your Job and Make Millions as an Indie Author…

  1. Oh, I could easily quit my job and live as an indie author, assuming I could find a way to eat with just $600 of groceries annually.

      • One wife (who admittedly makes about 2 1/2 times what I do now) two kids (one of whom is autistic, so that doubles the summer daycare fee), one bird and one cat. We’re just getting by now. Quitting my job to write is a non-starter.

        • Yeah, me too. One husband, three cats, my income. I wish you lived locally; I worked for a great preschool that worked with autistic kids a while back.

          • Eh, he’s in middle school now. Though next summer we may see how much a full time babysitter would cost. has to be less than day camp was.

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