Friday Flash: With the Moon

Thank to [personal profile] lilfluff for the prompt.

Written for Friday Flash

The shift came with the moon.

It was inexorable, unavoidable, inevitable: if you had the blood, then you shifted. All over the world, in every land, someone would look up at the night sky… and Change.

In Parkwood, where one particular moon-bound had been rather overfriendly a few generations back – the milkman, it turns out – the whole town would, on those nights, simply, quietly, Change. Women, men, children – those few who had not had the blood had found it very uncomfortable and moved out, or, in a few cases, married in and simply learned to work around it.

Neighboring towns had learned to stay clear of Parkwood on those nights, when the moon was new and the sky was dark. It was a strange place to be, when everyone around you was covered with fur and nuzzling against your leg, helping you across the street and washing your car. It was a strange place indeed, when the werewolves Changed.

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  1. Hehe, imagining very cautious and confused documentarians coming to town. “And… oh. Apparently one of them has brought out one of those take-a-number machines and they’re lining up to offer interviews. What? Oh, thank you. That was a little wolf-boy and he just brought me some juice saying he thought I’d be getting thirsty interviewing so many of them.” I really like where you went with the prompt. 🙂

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