Temporary Add-On Landing Page for One-Off Stories

Stories for which I have no setting

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T is for The Impossible (LJ) – part of a time travel story
People Talk (LJ) Modern World/realism
“I can Write 150 more words.” (LJ) (Fluffy not-yet-porn)


Supply Exhausted (LJ) (sci-fi-ish)
Not the Man (LJ) On Identity (modern/Sci-fi)
B for Bizarre Beetles (LJ) Bugs and Bugs – Scifi-Modern


Through the Glass (LJ) Horror
Sharp Bits (LJ) horror?
Hard Choices (LJ) Horror

Fantasy and Fairy Tale

The Three of Guldenton (<a href=http://aldersprig.livejournal.com/861314.htmlLJ) Fairy Tale
Trade (LJ) Prince/Pauper, modernized
Q is for the Queen’s Quilt (LJ)
The First Step (LJ) Don’t venture off the path.
Time of Testing (LJ) Testing for Witches
Omens and Ill (LJ) (Might be in the same world as the oracle whose god got irritated. (here))

Stores and Doors

Gone Rummaging (LJ)
Through the Door (LJ) 2-part story involving magic portal

Closing Up (LJ) An Antique Store closes

O is for the Open Order (LJ)

Modern/Urban Fantasy
Romance was never this convenient to handle (LJ) High school and magic don’t mix well
He Couldn’t Fail (LJ) Urban Fantasy
Except (LJ) The one who doesn’t fit in
D is for Dungeon (LJ)
Talking To… (LJ) …oneself?

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