Story Idea

Okay, so this is what came to me in the shower this morning:

A technomancer Addergoole grad in school for/just graduated from college for rocket science is faced with the apoc.

Using her college roommate’s concept drawings for an FTL ship and substituting magic where human tech isn’t there yet, and pulling in the skills of a diverse team of misfits, she puts together an escape ship to bring a smallish population (1000 or so) away from the mess that is Earth.

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  1. Does she have a destination in mind or just “away”? Who are her 1,000 or so? Does she, or anyone on the ship, know about the moon? As someone has already said, “Elves in space!”

    • She has a Finder for “safe, viable, unpopulated.” The 1000 or so is a fun part of the story! I thiiiink she’s heard about the moon & not going there ;-D

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