“Write Something Short, Lyn.” Not quite a prompt call

I’ve been doing really well on longer projects, but sometimes I just want something I can post right away.

So leave me any or all of the following:
* a setting (pref. one of mine, or a fandom you already know I’m part of)
* a character/pairing
* a mood
* three words
* a color

and, over the next while, I may write a story.

You may leave more than one set of these (for instance: Jamian, pink, triste; Vas’ World, darkness/flowers/running).

As always, my list of settings are here: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/938780.html

A look at my tags page: http://aldersprig.dreamwidth.org/tag/ in the “character” section will give you a broad swath of the characters I write about.


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5 thoughts on ““Write Something Short, Lyn.” Not quite a prompt call

  1. Aunt Family, enlightened, gold. Jin, exhausted, human/salt/wires. Radar/Joseph, snarl/compromise/fallout. Beryl/Lam, lavender, plan/prepare/options. Junie/Baby Smith, adventurous, sunshine/playground/stomp. Kelkathian, opinionated.

  2. Fridmar and any of his grandchildren, not necessarily the ones connected to my character, and storm/water/fire.

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