Doomsday Academy Setting Notes

to go with Cloverleaf: a basic write-up of the city

Doomsday Academy is an 8-year educational institution covering from ages 10 to 18.

The classes cover a spectrum of traditional and modern class subjects, including Math, Survival, Literature, Law, and Science. In addition, a variety of extracurricular clubs cover subjects from Theatre Arts to Fiber Arts to Martial Arts. Sometimes, students who are Addergoole-bound attend Doomsday until they are called to Addergoole; often, Addergoole students will send their non-Addergoole-promised children to Doomsday.

Each fae student learns magic from their Mentors and from other teachers who are proficient in the student’s best Words. The school is primarily for fae students, but they do occasionally have a human student. There are three additional schools in Cloverleaf for human students, one per circle.

Doomsday Academy is housed in a series of buildings built to look like Victorian houses (and church), including three classroom buildings, a dining-and-gathering hall, the dojo, the greenhouse, and the Library. Young students live in a single dormitory; older students live in houses with their cy’ree. Students in their last few years at Doomsday can choose to live in apartment-style housing with their crew. Buildings run along either side of a narrow foot-road, crossing a wider foot-road, in a block of Cloverleaf off to one side of the main road and near a park. There is plenty of green space.

Uniforms are grey, black, and white, with grey-black-and-white plaid; students can choose between pants, skirts, or kilts, sweaters, button-up shirts, and vests (in any combination), with kimono as an alternative option.

Each Mentor’s cy’ree has their own color combination and an accessory they add to the uniform, replacing tie and socks with the cy’ree color.

Professors and their cy’ree colors, when known, are listed below

Prof. Doomsday
Cynara, Red Doomsday
Carmine, Red
cy’Red accessory: utility belt

Prof. Inazuma
Leofric, Lightning Blade
Sky Blue, Yellow
cy’Lightning accessory: tanto-style dagger

Prof. Agislaw
Kheper, Law-Shield
Orange, Green
cy’Law accessory:

Prof. Lily
Dáirine, Black Lily
Sage Green, Rose
cy’Lily accessory:

Prof. Chthon
Athanaric, Beneath the Surface
Dove Grey, Pale Blue
cy’Underground accessory: ??

Prof. Sweetflower
Magnolia, Sweetest Thing
Purple, Plum
cy’Sweetflower accessory: scarf

Meliadne, Soft-Sight
Dark Raspberry, Turquoise
cy’Healer accessory:

Aceline, Water Under the Bridge


Clubs are as follows:

Drama Club
– Advisor: Prof. Chthon

Camping Club
– Advisor: Prof. Doomsday

Newspaper Club
– Advisor: Prof. Inazuma

Fashion Club
– Advisor: Prof. Sweetflower

Chorus Club
– Advisor: Aceline

Fiber Arts Club
– Advisor: Prof. Doomsday

Gardening Club
– Advisor: Prof. Lily

Martial Arts Club
– Advisor: Prof. Inazuma

Puzzle Club
– Advisor: Prof. Agislaw

Archaeology Club
– Advisor: Prof. Chthon

Model Citizens Club
– Advisor: Prof. Agislaw

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