Archive | August 8, 2015

Want Ad – Patreon Story

Some stories just write themselves.  I was listening to the radio, and a blurb about this came on. And I’d been thinking about writing something for Fae Apoc, sooo….
The ads weren’t working, and, worse, Richie’s last ad had gotten pulled as being “borderline obscene” — and without a refund.He had tried the newspapers, the online apartment sites, the personals, the dating sites — and all he’d gotten was a sternly worded e-mail from gregslist and a small hole in his budget.For rent: 3-br, 3-bath house, all but 1-br. $5/month, contingent on your willingness to treat me as your slave.

I do not seek an intimate/sexual relationship, but I prefer being under the control of another.

He hadn’t thought it was all that unreasonable. It wasn’t prostitution; it wasn’t illegal; there was nothing directly against gregslist’s TOS in the ad. The site’s morality police had apparently felt differently. And nothing he’d posted anywhere else had gotten so much as a peep. Continue reading