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Patreon Posts in July!

July’s Patreon Theme was “More, Please;” the prompt call covered anything my $5 readers would like to see continued.

A Rescue in Kind, a story of Daxton-and-Esha continued
The Hunt Continues, a story of fox hunting in Tir na Cali continued
Down, Down, Down, more of Doug and the Basement – free for all to read!

I also posted a couple other stories on Patreon:
Last Bid, a story of a worried slave in Tir na Cali
The Queen’s Councillor, a story also of Tir na Cali and a Queen worrying her people.

Check them all out here!

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Chase the Fox Part I – Patreon Story

Written to @DaHob’s commissioned continuation; part I of a longer story.  This comes after Fox Hunt (Saturday) and The Hunt Continues (Wednesday).


Thursday and Friday

Ariana gave her target a full day’s head start.

She wanted to give him plenty of time to clear out of the safe house she’d set up for him; she wanted to make sure he presented sufficient challenge to be interesting.

When she was ready – when she thought he was ready – it was no issue at all to slip out of the house. Her family had no interest in her activities, as long as she made the obligatory social appearances and stayed away from anything potentially embarrassing for her Lady Mother.

When she’d first gotten out of the service, she’d been bored and chafing under her enforced leisure time. Now – now she had something to do, and the last thing she wanted was for people to notice her. So she was quiet about her leaving and made sure to leave a tolerable excuse with the staff.

Her target wasn’t in the cabin anymore and he’d done a very good job of covering his tracks. She found places the dust had been wiped clean, however, so someone had been here. Chances were her prey had taken her peace offering.

The rain had been coming down in random but heavy showers, as it had been for the last three days. If she’d been trying to track him by scent, he would be well covered. But just tracking with dogs – that was for amateurs and sports-people, not for Ariana. Continue reading