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Delivery, a continuation/story from yet another viewpoint (@cluudle)

“My Lord?”

Lord Padraic’s aide-de-camp had been out for weeks, combing the hills, searching all of the places runaways usually ended up, looking for a single runaway American slave.

Now he came in, looking more lost and confused than Padraic had ever seen the man. He bowed low, head to the ground.

“If you’re going to tell me you can’t find him, I obviously know that already. Try harder.” He leaned forward, his elbows on his knees. “It’s not that big of a country, Ciaran.”

“It’s not that, my Lord. It’s…” Ciaran twisted to look at the doorway. “It’s him.

Padraic wasted a perfectly good disbelieving expression on the top of Ciaran’s head. “Him?” he imitated. “What – or who, I suppose, is he?”

“That would be me, sir.” A quiet, deep voice was followed in the doorway by a slender Tuathan man. His hair was cropped short and he’d allowed a short goatee to grow, giving him a strange look for their people. He dropped to his knees next to Ciaran, making the gesture look like a dance move. “I am Arlen, sir, and I am for you.”

“For…” Padraic found himself on his feet. “What do you mean, for?

“For you, sir. If you’ll stop looking for Seth.”

“You’re a bribe.” Padriac rose to his feet. “I have been sent a bribe. By whom?”

“By me, sir. I am well-trained…” The man lifted his face to stare Padraic in the face. “But I can fight if you prefer.”

This comes after Walk Away and On the Hook, set in [profile] cluudle‘s Cali-ish AU.

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Proposal, a drabble of Maihallr (@inspectrCaracal)

So Maihallr is Cya and Leo’s second kid, born a few years before she starts Doomsday/Cloverleaf

“Marry me, Maihallr.” He dropped to his knees, holding up a ring he must have scrounged from some dead city. “Marry me?”

His hair was falling in his eyes, a common occurrence Mai had found endearing up until now.

“Why?” she asked, more than a little alarmed. Everything had been going so well.

“I love you!”

“…and?” She blinked at him.

“And I want to live with you.” He was beginning to get a frown. Mai had a feeling she’d gone off-script. But he’d done it first!

“My mom and dad have been in love for decades. Centuries, maybe. And they don’t even live in the same house.”

“I want to have children with you.”

“I’m really not ready for kids.” She was barely forty, and there was still way too much world in front of her.

“I want to be by your side forever.”

She blinked at him, at his ridiculous hair and his tarnished ring. “So… you want to be crew?”

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On the Hook, from another point of view (#ThimblefulThursday)

On day 373 since his kidnapping, Seth found himself once again aimlessly pacing the caves. He really ought to –

“Hey, Seth, right?” A tiny woman – he was pretty sure she was the cook – flagged him down. “Can you give me a hand with this? We just liberated a shipment of rice and stuff.”

“Sure. Lead me to it.” Sitting around waiting wouldn’t do anything but drive him nuts.

“You look stressed.” She led him to the truck, backed up into the mouth of the main cave. “I mean, more than everyone here does.” Being part of a slave rebellion, as quiet and polite as this one was, wasn’t exactly relaxing.

Seth shrugged it off. “It’s nothing.” He looked away, using the bags of rice as an excuse. “Ooof.” He hauled one to his shoulder. “Are you sure these aren’t lead?”

“Hopefully. Is it too much?” She picked up a small crate labelled “spinach.”

“Of course not.” He’d lost a lot of weight and muscle in the last year, but he could still carry around some grain. “I’m fine.”

“You said that already.” She hip-bumped him gently. “You can tell me. I’m practically the bartender.”

Seth took a moment to rearrange his load of rice. “Look. I had, you know, an owner, I guess?”

“Usually slaves do,” she agreed gently.

“Yeah, well, American. I’m not made for this shit. So my former ‘owner,’ he’s getting way too close. They’ve actually sighted his, uh, overseer guy in the hills a couple times.” He shrugged. The rice was sitting funny, so he shifted it again. These people, native Californians and Americans who’d gone native, they had no reason to help him. He didn’t belong here. “He’s going to find me.”

“Take it you don’t like him?”

“I-” Seth closed his mouth. People here, they didn’t think being a slave was wrong. “Yeah. I didn’t like him.” Damnit. She didn’t need to know the gory details.

“It happens like that sometimes. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to own slaves.” Her hand settled on his arm, just for a moment. “We’ll fix it. That’s why we’re here.”

Seth smiled, allowing himself to relax for a moment. “Thanks.” They couldn’t, but it was nice to say.

“Hey kid.” A Californian guy a foot shorter than Seth patted his other shoulder in passing. “You’re off the hook.”

Seth stared at the guy as he walked away. After a moment, he noticed the cook was staring, too. “What-“

“At a guess…” Her voice choked up. Seth wanted to hug her, but his arms were full of rice. “…He just put himself on the hook.”

This comes concurrent with Walk Away, set in [profile] cluudle‘s Cali-ish AU.

It’s written to Today’s Thimbleful Thursday prompt

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Ask Me Something… About the Addergoole Characters

In one or all of the following periods: After year 5, after year nine, at the beginning of year 6, after year 8.

Any Addergoole character who exists in either The Original Series or Year 9.

(please, no smartass stuff.)

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