Archive | August 15, 2015

New Project in Queue: Ten Dollar ($15.51) Ledges

I’m redoing my cave, I might have mentioned.

And in doing so, I wanted to do something with the pile of very small (art-card size and up) flat art I’ve accumulated over the years.

I finally decided on picture ledges after a bit of googling, and, having done that, said to myself, “Hey, doesn’t Ana White have a pattern for that?”

Ana White has a pattern for everything. She’s this DIY guru who puts together easy-to-understand patterns for furniture. Much of what she does is knockoffs of high-end catalog stuff.

And she happens to have a Ten-Dollar Ledge plan!

So I’m gonna make three 32″ ledges!

My lumber cost me $15.51 after discount and tax, so I guess there’s been a bit of inflation. But still! Compared to the price of a single shelf anywhere…!

Now, of course, I’m gonna have more shelf than I have small art – so, where can I buy art* that fit in frames 6×8″ or smaller?

* Like, from independent crowdfunded artists, not or such.

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