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A Poll! Addergoole Year Six!

A Poll! For…. reasons.
Please pick 3 Addergoole Sixth Cohort Characters.

Characters with an * are other people’s characters. I won’t say you can’t vote on them but I have varying levels of not-complete comfort writing them.

If you need more than three characters, you can leave up to three more in the comments.

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Walk Away (a story… beginning)

Arlen hadn’t so much run as he’d walked. His owner had died with no children and no nieces, and it had taken over a month for the Crown to find an appropriate heir.

Arlen had been fond of the old bitch, but one of the lovely things about her was that she was old. He had no interest in dealing with a new mistress, bitch or no, particularly not someone young. So he found the key to his collar in a box of the her Ladyship’s jewelry, guessed the password — he had served her since infancy; there was very little he didn’t know about her — and walked.

He brought with him Anje, the cook’s daughter, who was pregnant and did not want her baby to be born a slave. They took the oldest, most broken-down of the old lady’s cars, the sort of thing she might have passed down to a slave on freeing them, had she lived.

The slave revolt found them. They were both lifetime slaves, and did not know how to look free, even if they were now, technically, free. The authorities would have found them if the revolt did not; all things considered, Arlen decided they had done all right being found as they had.

Anje found a place for herself right away. Everyone needs cooks, and she had learned at her mother’s feet. Arlen… Arlen was having more trouble. He was trained in personal service. Sometimes, they had “spa days” for visiting nosy government officials, and Arlen had moments where he could shine. But that had all of the disadvantages of personal service and none of the advantages.

There came a slave, terrified and angry and entirely unsuited, and a master who would not let go, would not give up. The dogs were coming and the psychics, the hunters with their tranq guns and their whips.

Sometimes, they had to give the former owners something. Someone. Sometimes sacrifices had to be made.

Arlen looked at the runaway, at Anje and her little girl. He looked, lastly, at himself in the mirror.

And then he walked away from the revolt and back into slavery.

So, cluudle has been writing some stories today in an AU based off of Tir na Cali.

And in return, I wrote a piece based off of her AU. 🙂

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Chase the Fox II, a continuation of Fox Hunt, continues again, free on Patreon!

The first part of the story: Fox Hunt
The second part: The Hunt Continues
The First Continuation, part of @dahob’s commission: Chase the Fox Part One

And yet more Fox! Chase the Fox Part II

Hitchhiking had gotten old pretty quickly. George hadn’t thumbed a ride in years, not since his college days, and he found that all the things that had made it so unpleasant back in Maine were almost identical in California — the road splashing and the traffic noise, the hours you’d go by with nobody picking you up, the odd juts out of your way when you did get a ride, the talking. The endless uncomfortable chatter….

(read on!)

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Patreon Landing Page

Every story & serialized piece posted to my Patreon page
in order by month

* – open for anyone to read
§ – repost of a previously-posted story
‡ – a post is owed here

Items not marked with a setting nor in a setting-theme are not set in a broader world of mine

For more information on any setting, see my index of indices, also known as a landing page landing page 

July 2014: Tir na Cali
Naked Sushi

August 2014: Reiassan
A Hero of Reiassan*
Other Soldiers, Other Fates* – continuation here*

September 2014: Gender-funkery
The Haircut *
The Shape-Wizard’s Apprentice

October 2014: Impossible Situations
Family Reunion*
The Trouble With O’Shareen Seven*

November 2014: "I’m Writing Nano"
After the Storm (Addergoole post-apoc)

December 2014: No theme
Excerpt, Rin & Girey/Into Lannamer

January 2015: "I’m writing A Lot of Doomsday"
The Storm Prince of Death *

$20 Pledge Reached – short story

February 2015: Music and Song
Abduction: a musical*

March 2015: Dragons Next Door
A Twisty Problem
A Meeting & an Education*

April 2015: Stranded World
Strands and Connections
Tangles and Knots, Snarls and Combs
A tangled Knot *

May 2015: Love Stories
Ashes & Love (Fae Apoc)
The Warlord’s Cat *
Five Locks (Fae Apoc)

$30 pledge reached – bonus story at $7 pledge level

June 2015: Tír na Cali
Leaving the Land of the Free
Fox Hunt
Sale Price *
Last Bid *
The Queen’s Councillor *

July 2015: Finish It! (More, Please)
Down, Down, Down *  

(After Into the History of Addergoole)The Hunt Continues  

(After Fox Hunt, June ’15)

Commissioned continuations:

A Rescue in Kind

(after the Daxton/Esha story found at this tag)

August 2015: Faerie Apocalypse
Discovery Channel – during the apoc *§
Want Ad – pre-apoc * (continued with Desired Situation *)
The Scores, the Stories, and the Truths pre-apoc *§
Angelic Visitation* – After Storm Prince Of Death, Jan ’15, far post-apoc
Field Trip – during the apoc
A Storm Over Addergoole East 

$40 pledge reached – serial

September 2015: Cats
In Training – Tír na Cali *§
The Invasion of the Kah-Tah *
Vermin Hunter – Aunt Family
Lilac in Spring – Aunt Family *
Purrrrsonnel Issues *

October 2015: The Aunt Family
Heirlooms & Old Lace – modern era, Eva *§
Asta’s Journal – WWII Era *
Journals of Loss 
Let No Man Set Asunder – 1968
A Test, a Trial – Zenobia Era

Zenobia was the Aunt two aunts before Ruan,
who was before Asta, who was before Evangaline.
A Bear in Winter – a fairy tale *

November 2015: Legends & Myths
The Mall 
The Great Dragon – Faerie Apocalypse
Estrildis’ Ring and Bóinn’s – Tír na Cali

December 2015 – Holidays & Traditions
Later On, By the Fire – Faerie Apocalypse
You’d Better Watch Out – Aunt Family *
Light a Candle For Me – Reiassan/Edally

January 2016: Addergoole
Going to Addergoole East – sometime postapoc
When the Angels Came – during the apoc
Attrition – between years 12 & 17 *

February 2016: Dragons Next Door
Going to Asthrifel * 
The Tinies of Ogre-House 
A Model Student of the Pumpkin

March 2016: Doomsday Academy/Cloverleaf
The Year Cya Didn’t Keep Anyone – origins of Cloverleaf *§
Second Thoughts, Third Thoughts
Aging in Cloverleaf 
The Facility 

April 2016: April Showers
Don’t Cry, Baby – Addergoole  *§
The Baroness and the Pauper – Tír na Cali
(Mis)Use of Power – Faerie Apocalypse *
Priorities – Faerie Apocalypse

May 2016: Stranded World
The Deep Inks *§  
Private Party
 – at the festival 
Woven Together – other characters
Leftovers: Ficlets of Stranded World – Thanksgiving *

June 2016: Reiassan
Goat Diplomacy – just post-cut-off from the old world
The Tea Wars – during Rin & Girey’s voyage  *§
Goat-Mad – ~100 years before Edally *
The Weasel that saved the Empire – sometime after Rin but before Edally (probably)

July 2016: Dragons Next Door
"Damn Dragons, Get Off My Lawn!"  – origins of the series  *§
Visit the Dinosaurs
Leftovers in all the Wrong Places
Never call the L**rechaun *

dropped below $40 pledge level (serial)

August 2016: Tír na Cali
The Wrong Kidnapping 

The Serials
The Episodes
The Werewolf Episode, Part I
The Werewolf Episode, Part II 

The Expectant Wood
For all posts related to the Expectant Wood and Aerax, see here.
The Serial Family, a character profile
The Serial Islands, a geographic profile
The Expectant Wood I: Trouble at the Stamen
The Expectant Wood II: The Stamen-End
The Expectant Wood III: A Slippery Stamen-End
The Expectant Wood IV: A Sharp Exit
The Expectant Wood V: The First Rescue
The Expectant Wood VI: The Cut In Aereaxera 

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