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“A Storm over Addergoole East” posted on Patreon

Posted on Patreon for Patrons-only, a story of Kailani, Regine, and Addergoole East:

A Storm Over Addergoole East

August 2008
The school looked very much the same. That was, Kailani supposed, reasonable. It had not changed in the three years she’d been there; only her viewpoint had.

The halls were empty. There would be nobody here except teachers she recognized anyway, but she still found herself looking in the corners and niches, peeking into the classrooms. That’s where Rozen had grabbed her. That’s where she’d first met Taro. There was the dining hall, where she’d first found out she was in a school of faeries.

This was Director Regine’s office…

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Flash! Friday ‘s Warmup Wednesday: Secrets

“Thalia? What are you doing?” Clio wiggled closer to the secret passage, whispering loudly. “It’s my turn.”

Her twin squeaked. “Coming!” Thalia shot out of the hole far faster than she’d gone in. “All yours. Enjoy.” She pressed the flashlight in Clio’s hand.

Well now, she had to go. Clio slipped through the tiny door, shining her light over the passage.

A face looked back at her. Clio swallowed her own squeak and continued moving the beam. Face after face… “Death masks…” Nothing terrifying.

Until her light settled on a face more like her own than even her twin’s visage.

written to Flash!Friday’s Warmup Wednesday prompt.

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