An Aunt Family Repost: Heirlooms and Old Lace

Heirlooms and Old Lace

When Evangaline’s Aunt died, it fell to her to clean out the old house where her Aunt had lived and, before her Aunt Asta, her Aunt’s Aunt Ruan and so on. Family history went back four mour generations, but Evangaline felt as if, if she tracked it far enough, there would be an unbroken line of Aunts all the way into pre-history. As a childless Aunt herself – as the childless Aunt in her generation – she accepted that the house would now become hers, but not that she needed to keep the piles of accumulated auntieness that filled it….

The story that began it all has been touched up and reposted on Patreon, free for anyone to read!

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