Note to self (re. planning wordcount)

Having a 10,000-word project (novella), a 6,000-word project (Edally), and a 4,000-word project (Ghost) in a month and a 25K goal for the month only works if you have less than 5K additional work.

Patreon is approx. 2.5K now.

There’s that commission you just finished, that was ~3K this month.

Then there’s the 6K submission story…

Math is one’s friend.

(also, I need to leave at least 1.5K for fun projects, and since I really want my “fun” to run about 10-20% of my wordcount, I need to allow for that, too. That means for a 25000 work-wordcount goal, I need to write ~27,700-31,250 words).

Conclusion: I need to shrink my project goals per month. Or increase my wordcount by 10-25%.

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