Today’s Question for Rin/Girey writing/Worldbuilding

What terms do I use for Army ranks?


American? (most comprehensible)

Use/Make up the Calenyena words? (least comprehensible)

*most comprehensible: easiest understood by the readers.

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3 thoughts on “Today’s Question for Rin/Girey writing/Worldbuilding

  1. Keep in mind that Roman and modern ranks don’t do the same thing. There isn’t a direct correlation between the two systems at all. Where, for instance, would you out a Primus Pilus in our system?

  2. I think as long as you make it clear in the story where various ranks you use stand relative to each other, whichever you use will be fine. If you know enough about the Calenyenan army’s structure to describe it specifically, even if that means including military ranks in the glossary (there’s enough conlang to call for a glossary already, I think?), I’d lean toward that.

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