Languary Day “4”: Orthography

Okay, this is probably how I will write these in the Roman alphabet.

b, t, d, ph (ɸ), f, th, ss*, sh, h, pf, ch(/x/), [still-not-sure-I-have-a-J], r, l, m, n

* I could totally do this as “s” but I like the visual susurration of the double s.
** This is a very fricative language. I felt like it.

That was easy.


uh u
oe(oo) o
ah(ae) a
eh e
ee ea
ih i

Alphabet…. I’m still considering style, much less actual letters. And numbers. Since it’s a real-world system, they may use arabic numbers.

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7 thoughts on “Languary Day “4”: Orthography

  1. What sound do you mean by “ɸ”? In the IPA it’s a bilabial voiceless fricative, an /f/ that uses the lower lip instead of the lower front teeth, the sound you make when gently blowing out a candle. If that’s what you mean, “fi” works as its name since it’s the Greek letter phi, but “fi” is not that sound. I’d suggest “ph”, as in “phi”. I’m not sure of your vowels yet.

  2. What they sound like. You have two or three “spellings” for each. Suppose that • u = [ʌ] = the vowel in “but” • o = [o:] = the vowel written with an “o” in “hope” or in the Italian “canto”. (English usually diphthongizes “long o” to something more like [oʊ].) • ah = ???? To me, “ah” represents the [ɑ] of “father”, while “ae” could represent the “long a” [ɛɪ] of “cake” or the “short a” [æ] of “cat” (who is helping me type by lying on my wrists and occasionally rolling her butt onto the touchpad, which screws up my text). • eh = [e] like French “café”, not diphthongized to [eɪ] [or ɛɪ]; or possibly “short e” [ɛ] as in “bet”. • ee: This one’s unambiguous: [i] or [i:] as in squeak • ih: Likewise, “short i”, [ɪ] as in “bit”.

    • To clarify, the sounds in parentheses are dialectical changes. I’ll grant that the spellings on the left are, at this stage of the game, mostly to help me remember what I had in mind. Since my accent varies so much from almost everyone else I encounter online, using word pronunciations doesn’t work for anyone else, and I don’t read IPA, so it doesn’t work for me. let’s see, but, hope (boot), father(cat), bet, squeak, bit, in order, works the way I say those words.

  3. This or something like it would be a big help to readers.

    • IPA = International Phonetic Alphabet (Wikipedia has good pages, but I need to get a fix on your pronunciation) • M-W = Merriam-Webster dictionary symbols • When a box contains two entries, the second one (in parentheses) is a dialectal variant.   spelling       IPA symbols       M-W symbols     examples   u ʌ ˈə but o o (u) ō (ü) hope (boot) a ɑ (æ) ä (a) father (cat) e ɛ e bet ea i ē squeak i ɪ i bit

    • Something screwy in the rendering. The preview shows a fully boxed table, but here I see only the column headers in individual boxes.

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