Languary Day CAUGHT UP! Start on grammar

Questions from Zompist’s Language Construction Kit

This is a work in progress and also a learning exercise. I don’t have all – even most of – the vocabulary, so pls. be patient.

Also, it’s a worldbuilding exercise at the same time…

Is your language fusional, agglutinative, or isolating?

I think I’m going to go with fusional, in part to try something utterly different from Caleyen. It also gives me the option of moving one of the dialects to analytic or agglgglgluglug… *cough* Agglutinative.

How do you form inflections?

…Not sure yet!

I’m /thinking/ prefixes. It suits the way the sentences feel to me. But on the other hand, I’m fonder of suffixes for comprehension. That could be because English is my first language and I’ve only studied romance languages….

After a bit of research: Suffixes it is! Mostly.

Side note: Negation appears at the sentence’s beginning or end, depending on context. That really goes in the Sentence order post.

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