Languary Day 16

Continuing from here…

Love is the irresistible desire…

Phothe [desire] [resist]udfeal [Love]

…to be irresistibly desired.

-elt, to be [verbed]

-ad, “-ly”

[desire]elt [resist]udfealad

Okay, now I get to see if I can do this.

Verb Object (Object adjective) (adverb) Subject (subject adjective)

[is] [desire irresistible desired irresistibly] [love]

Phothe [desire] [resist]udfeal [desire]elt [resist]udfealad [Love]

Okay, there’s only three words there.



desire, noncha

resist, totfa

….I need to noun a verb.


Phothe noncham totfudfeal nonchelt totfudfealad Feph

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