Languary Day 17: More sentence construction.

Starting with this thing:

All the people shouted.
Some of the people shouted.
Many of the people shouted twice.

First! People. People is the plural of person!

A Person is a difuf.

All of the people are difufore.


Shout is Fassa.

Past tense, third person singular is -iln

But the people are plural!

Okay, then -ilnot.


VOS, Fassilnot difufore., All of the people shouted.

Or Fassilnot difufara, some of the people shouted.

Many! Many is another word.


And so is twice! Oh lord, numbers.
haph, hash, hat, 1, 2, 3, haphad, hashad, hatad, once, twice, three times.

Fassilnot hashad difufara dathfuth, many of the people shouted twice (Shouted twice people many)

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