Languary Day 20: some more rain

I continue to pull sentences from here:
The rain came down.
(came down rain)
The kitten is playing in the rain.
(playing rain-in kitten)
The rain has stopped.
(stopped rain).

fetha, verb, to rain
fetham, noun, rain
felashef, noun, kitten (youth-cat)

dithasha, verb, to descend
hetheta, verb, to play
thea, in
ithtutha, verb, to stopped

Past tense, third person singular is still -iln

The rain came down, Dithashiln fetham

Present tense third person singular is -art

The kitten is playing in the rain, Hethetart fetham-thea felashef

-olp is third person singular present perfect.

The rain has stopped, Ithtutholp fetham.

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