Languary Day 19: playing with sentences

I continue to pull sentences from here:

It’s raining.
(is raining it)

The rain came down.
(came down raining)
The kitten is playing in the rain.
(playing in rain kitten)
The rain has stopped.
(stopped rain). (these 3 later)

fetha, verb, to rain
-am, turning a verb into a noun
fetham, noun, rain

THIS is the interesting part, because both the English and the French for “it rains” use a general pronoun. Il pleut, It/he present-tense-rain
Spanish skips the pronoun, as they often do:
está lloviendo Formal second-person singular to be, present-tense-rain

BUT I think there should be a word indicating the environment is doing something. SO.
fut, here-now place (“it”)

Edited to add: Syntactic Expletive and Impersonal verbs seem to cover this phenomenon.

Present tense third person singular is -art

Present tense, surrounding:

It’s raining, Fethartfea fut.

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