Who’s Next Door? Help requested

For Five-minute Map Friday tomorrow, I’m thinking of doing a quick map of Aud & Sage’s part of Smokey Knoll

I KNOW I’ve identified harpies and pixies and centaurs nearby, but I can’t FIND them.

What I have so far is:

the Brownies across the street.
Ogres (dragons) next door – cavern-and-castle system – waterfall

The neighborhood around it [Smokey Knoll], the Retibya Heights, is a, ah…”
“It’s an affluent upper-class human neighborhood…”

the Brownies across the street….

“(The harpies)…Their great-grandchildren live down the block from me”

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2 thoughts on “Who’s Next Door? Help requested

  1. Ogres, dragons, brownies, pixies, harpies, centaurs, and now trolls. I’m not sure any elkin have been established in the neighborhood, or where the rakshasa (… vampire?) scout leader lived. There were harpies and centaurs among the founders of the neighborhood, along with the actor dweomer (also still down the street) who fronted various transactions (including building “mews” and “stables”). I think the Paints (centaurs) have moved on and been replaced by the Bays (other centaurs)? Other than the ones you cite, the actor, and the unspecified species of neighbors whose “friend” showed up in the biting-the-foot bit with the Erbiss (not sure if that’s canon), I can’t think of any specific neighborhood layout information. There’s a Smokey Knoll bus route to and from Junie’s school. Ummm. Not enough brain.

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