June Patreon Theme: Reiassan

The poll has closed, and June’s Patreon theme is Reiassan!

Home of Rin & Girey, Edally Academy, goat-riding Calenyena and the Bitrani that just can’t win, Reiassan is a setting spanning thousands of years and an entire continent and then some.

And you can read more of it!

Think about it this way.

For $1/month, you’re getting $40 worth of my writing – and for everyone else who pledges, that amount goes up. It’s a magazine subscription, but one with no ads, where you get to vote on the content monthly.

For $5/month, you’re on the editorial board. YOU tell me what to write. YOU pick characters and themes and even pregnant forests for the serials. YOU pick characters for me to commission art of. You’re in the driver’s seat.

And if you like that, for $7/month, you can have your own super-secret story, written only for people at that prompting level (Be the first! Pick your very own story!)

Want even MORE exclusivity? Pledge $15/month and it’ll be like commissioning your own very story – a short piece of fiction ONLY for you.

Check it out!
Every pledge made gets us close to all patrons having more words in their inbox each month!

Icons by djinni (1st & last 2), [personal profile] inventrix (3rd), [personal profile] itsamellama (4th) and [deviantart.com profile] ev1ct-cm

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