Random-Number Abecedary, with help from friends

Over on [twitter.com profile] Thornewrites, I like to ask for random numbers to pick my next project of the day (off a list of current or potential projects).

Sometimes I like to spice things up a bit, so last week, I started with some animal prompts.

SIXTEEN sitting Siamese…
SIXTEEN Silly Silver Dollars

FIFTEEN fit fishers!
FIFTEEN Fine Fishing Cats!

FOURTEEN foreign fossa…
FOURTEEN foundering frogs!

THIRTEEN Thylacine Theurgists…
THIRTEEN Theocratic Thrashers…

TWELVE twirling twitterers!
Twelve Tart Toucans!

And then my friends started answering in kind:

[twitter.com profile] DaHob:
1 wintery wyrm
1 wan wilderbeast
1 whiskey weasel and 1 ornery okapi
1 wild wallaby

[twitter.com profile] Sushimustwrite:
Fiiiiiiiive numbered tweeeeeets!
Nine nimble narwhals!

[twitter.com profile] Simon_Batt:
Two Triumphant Tigers, please!
Eight Elegant Eagles! (So patriotic.)

And then [twitter.com profile] Anke upped the ante:
eight electric eels eating eggs

So I asked for
FOURTEEN forceful frogs forgiving foes!
THIRTEEN thriving Therapsids throwing thallium!
Twelve twitchy tayra twisting twiddle-twaddle!
ELEVEN Eclectic Echidnas embracing effeminacy!

And then [twitter.com profile] DaHob upped it again:
one onyx owl onboarding orphans overseas
one orange ocelot opines on otherwise overlooked options
1 wascally wabbit wrestling with weighty woes

So I ended up with
Twelve truthful tegus tunefully typing trustworthy tales!
FOURTEEN fecund fulmar fidgeting from festive fractionation!
ELEVEN elegant elk elucidating elaborate explanations
TEN Trepadatious tahrs telegraph trite tableaus

and things from [twitter.com profile] Sushimustwrite like:
Seven somber sharks sleeping soundly!

And from [twitter.com profile] Anke like:
eight elderly elephants expressing excitement eruditely every evening

And now my number-requests are nearly as long as my writing…. but man is it fun!

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    • Hey, I’m always happy to get numbers! Besides, you’re concentrating on writing Nai & that makes me super happy.

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