0 thoughts on “Musing on another Giraffe Call

        • It sounds like you have some interesting new structure ideas already. Unless strongly directed otherwise, my prompt-like things are likely to overlap heavily with finish it! requests. Do you want that, would you rather be doing new or standalone stuff …?

          • Good question! I don’t mind the overlap; I’m enjoying tidying up loose ends or at least tying them into new knots. I’m also thinking of a reward for a) brand-new prompters and b) the person who signal boosted them in. Because this is as much if not more about building new audience as it is just bringing in some cash money. 😀

          • It’s a prompt theme if you want it to be, but I will probably sit that one out, or ask about the Smiths or something “helpful”. :}

          • I am not sure I have a typical reader, because people who read frequently run from “ick romance ick sex ick” to “please the dubcon/noncon moar pls more explicit pls.” What sort of survey-of-readers?

          • Vague fuzzy notions of something like ‘s “which novel(s) should be next in queue” questions go here. I’m not sure what data would be useful, and have little sense of your audience other than LJ&DW commenters. Maybe that was not a useful suggestion.

          • Ah! Well, I go by a combination of comments, the monthly theme polls, and feedback such as Twitter and e-mail. 😀

  1. My first thought for a giraffe call is giraffes, because I am a dedicated literalist when there’s a bad joke to be had. And now that I’ve got that nagging bit pried out of my head, some other more random ideas: * Underwater exploration (maybe a fjord) * Summer ritual celebrations * The end of a dying town * What’s on the other side of…?

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