A Solution, a continuation ficlet of Doomsday Academy

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The Pact Slips, Part I
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Doomsday Academy, a couple days after “The Pact Slips, Part II”

Content: implied sexual suggestion

They had devolved into shouting the minute Kerr walked in on Astarte and Sunny together, tangled up nude and very engrossed in each other’s company; Aron had followed a moment later.

There was plenty of blame to go around. The volume rose and rose, Sunny’s cy’ra finding other places to be as the tight-knit crew threatened to dissolve.

Finally Sunny held up her hands. She and Astarte had not bothered to dress, and in the gesture, she dropped her sheet. “Okay! I have a solution.”

Everyone looked at her. Sunny was fine with that.

“So. I slept with Star. Star slept with Aron. Kerr and I slept together…”

Kerr cleared his throat, but it was Aron who answered. “Him and me, too.”

“So the solution, clearly, is for me to sleep with Aron, and Star with Kerr. And then maybe all four of us together, just to wrap things up.”

They had gone from looking at her to staring at her. “But the pact…” Astarte offered.

“Well,” Sunny smiled crookedly. “Let’s try something we can actually stick to.”

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  1. Y’know, I didn’t quite expect my initial reaction on reading “A Pact” to come true quite so directly. And yet, here’s a solid lead-up to it that I see no reason it might derail. What will the fallout be from that, and will they survive it as a crew?

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