A #ThrowbackThursday for Pride Month

June 23, 2006: If I recall correctly, I had a lyric from Sweet Southern Comfort, by Buddy Jewel, stuck in my head. Out of that, we got this little piece:

Kissing Gary Williams’ sister in the back of the arcade after prom while our dates played Street Fighter… what a way to start!

It all started innocently enough… okay, it didn’t, but it looked innocent, at least. The two of us, dressed to the nines, with $50 hair cuts and 4″ heels, rained out of the traditional post-prom miniature golf and three games past pretending to care who was winning. We sighed nearly in unison.

“I thought there’d be more kissing,” she confessed.

“I thought there’d be necking in the back of Gary’s car,” I countered.

“That’s my brother!” she exclaimed (not for the first time), shocked and titillated.

“That’s okay,” I grinned, “I like you better anyway.”

She had eyes the same amazing, dangerous grey-blue as her brother, I noticed, tiny wrists, and the most beautiful collarbones I had ever seen. I put my hand on the back of her perfect neck and kissed her the way I wanted her brother to kiss me.

It wasn’t until I pulled back, several heartbeats later, that I thought to be nervous. It was an excruciatingly long second before she looked up at me with a stunned look… and tilted her face in a way that I had no doubt meant she wanted me to do it again.

Our dates found us an hour or so later, entangled in each other in the landscaping by the 5th hole, soaked to the skin and loving it.

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