The Weasel that Saved the Empire, a story of Reiassan for Patreon

“I’m looking for something new.” The Princess Orenienarena didn’t so much walk into Tailor Kentor’s store as she snuck in, a long fitted jacket covering up her imperial silks. It took the tailor a second glance to recognize her, her head covered in a thin scarf in the way of tradesfolk and her face bare of her customary jewelry.

She spilled a double handful of buttons onto the tailor’s counter. A glance told him they were hand-carved of stone and bone; a quick look with a loupe told him they were well-done. ”I am looking for something a bit more buttoned-up.”

Tailor Kentor frowned thoughtfully at the buttons and the Princess. Without looking, he batted his weasel Nagyar away from the pile of buttons. Nagyar, like all of his kind, was a notorious thief…

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So I said…


And Rix said…


And I was low on Reiassan prompts, so here you go. 3000 words: buttoning structures and weasels in waistcoats.

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