Weekend, with firewood and Fairy Doors

Of everything I am enjoying about my new job, long holiday weekends with no guilt may be at the top of the list.

For all that it was a holiday, I had a very productive weekend! Saturday saw a trip to the outlet mall – yay super-cheap sales – with T. and my Mom. (My mother lives 2 hours away; the outlet mall is halfway for both of us. Super-convenient!)

On the way home, we followed a big plywood sign: “Giant Yard Sale This Way!”

And it was pretty giant, I have to admit. Three tents, six non-tented tables, a display case – it was more like an antique store in someone’s yard.

We got a 1″ drill bit, a hatchet, and a bunch of Tupperware. 🙂

Then we found … an antique store in someone’s barn. And there I got… dun dun dunn… An Eastman (Kodak) photo cutter, cast iron, heavy as sin and still sharp. It’s LOVELY.

(also, 2 corner clamps for frame making for a whopping $2, win).

The rest of the weekend was pretty tame compared to that. We stacked wood, threw wood, stacked wood. We froze some tomatoes and baked some bread. We put up a fairy door and pickled some roasted red peppers. And then we stacked some wood.

I left the weekend happily achy and feeling virtuously productive. I’d call that a win.

My new paper cutter on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJ_Pt5PBvjJ/


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0 thoughts on “Weekend, with firewood and Fairy Doors

    • Me, too! We bought it at Corn Hill. I think we need to make a little backstop for it so it’s more upright, but it’s still awesome~

  1. Huh, I’d never come across the concept of fairy doors before, never mind I’ve seen something rather like one. (It’s a small door installed on a tree, but it’s labeled “Pooh”.) Now I’m trying to figure out where to install one at work.

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