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Happy 2018, everyone!

May it give us what we want and may we have the strength to reach for our goals.

May it throw us no curveballs we can’t handle and may we handle those we’re thrown with grace.

May we hear opportunity when it knocks and not hide under the bed.

💛 💚 💙 💜 ❤️

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A Fresh Start…? 2

Written to Ganet’s prompt:

a package arrives in the mail the day after New Year’s. (Or more mysteriously, on New Year’s Day.)

Mail didn’t usually arrive on federal holidays.
Heck, in Caroline’s neck of the woods, mail barely arrived at all.
But there it was, the mail van pulling up, the package sliding into the box.

Caroline checked her phone, her computer, and the TV (Which was playing an endless stream of “best of”) to be sure, but yes, it was New Year’s Day.  And yes, there was a package sticking out of her mailbox.

She walked down the driveway, donning three coats and two pairs of mittens, boots over two pairs of socks, and two hats, to get there. Continue reading

A Fresh Start…?

Written to @inspectorCaracal‘s prompt: 

Waking up with no memories and a pamphlet explaining you have been given a fresh start in life


He woke.

He was in a room with a bed, a small table holding a suitcase and a bag, and a mirror; two doors and a window led out of the room.

He knew all those things, but he had no idea how he’d gotten there.

He had no idea who had gotten there.  Continue reading