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Blue Highways and Autumn at the Ren Faire – Stranded Meta

Everyone gets their inspiration from somewhere; every setting has its seeds in something.
Stranded – well, Autumn – came out of the book Blue Highways.

According to Wikipedia, this book came out in 1982. I don’t think I read it that early at all – I would’ve been six – but someone recommended it to my father, and I read it. I was probably in my early teens.
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Autumn at the Ren Faire

I was playing around a little with Pinterest and Image Search today.
Here’s some pictures that are pretty close to Autumn’s garb at the Ren Fest, although her costumes are almost always in red, orange, gold, and brown.

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Conlang (Extra Lexember?) – Shelter

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Today’s topic is… Shelter

The basic unit of shelter is vil, but this is used almost exclusively for what we might call a shack, although volto house (or be housed) is still used for almost any case involving giving someone a place to live.

Tiltek is a rock shelter, originally, but now means a sturdy or comfortable shelter.  Continue reading


Sophie woke up to a set of blocks in her bedroom.

She recognized them immediately.  The ones in the bedroom were small, the sort you’d stumble over.  She picked them up one by one and stacked then against the wall in the space room.  If she got them stacked nicely enough, sometimes they would just go away on their own.  If she didn’t…

There, in the hallway, with yellow and black stripes, blocking the whole traffic path, a bigger one, almost up to her hip.  She went around, down the stairs and then up the back stairs.  She’d move the roadblock later.  First, she needed a shower.  And some coffee. Continue reading