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Conlang (Extra Lexember?) – Society

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Today’s topic is… Society

Right now, I’m building vocabulary based on a very pre-industrial society. It’s sort of an experiment (which might end up being an in-world experiment, too; I have Ideas); I’m picturing them at a beginning-to-farm level as well as having pictured them at a hunter-gatherer level and going outwards from that.

So what we have are people living mostly in tilteksturdy rock homes built on high outcroppings, generally up against each other and in horseshoe shapes to stand against the cold winds that come in from the coast.  Continue reading

Into the Woods, Into the House

First: A story featuring a male keeper and a female Kept.
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The return of “Mdom not asshole”.  I cannot find that I posted this first part, but if I have, I apologize. 


The gate was still terrifying. Mélanie felt far too relieved by Jesper’s hand on her leg and the warmth of him pressed against her side. She needed it; she was fighting against panic with every step the horses took.

The horses didn’t seem to mind at all. She found that reassuring. They walked through the creepy, terrifying gate, waited placidly while Jasper closed the gate behind them and locked it, and headed cheerfully towards what seemed to all appearances to be a half-collapsed stone stable and carriage house. Continue reading