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Conlang (Extra Lexember?) – The Village

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Today’s topic is… Village


We have a rertivel, the house-bowl with a central green – liklek, in a style they often use (It’s a green-green)

And widoriginally a meadow or other wide stretch of land, becomes a field for planting crops in.

We have the thit, a cattle-like creature (and thet, bovine, usually used to mean lazy and sleepy, and thot, to act in a bovine matter).

The thit and the yin, an egg-laying creature (ducklike) are kept in kid, a corrale (ked, square, kidden, square, kod, to corralle).

And the food is often cooked in a central area, which is usually a kidden, the word square, moved out to mean a central cooking-place.

Those who cook are didden. (okay, technically, that’s One-who-cooks.  Must do plurals next) Continue reading

The Hidden Mall: Circles 🔘

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The Hidden Mall has a landing page here:


“One minute.  Just one minute, and then we can run.”  She was being ridiculous, and she knew it.  No, she was being suicidal.  But she had to know.

She pulled the bag from the skeletal hand and passed it to her Liv, who took it as it it was on fire, holding it with two fingers by the end of a strap.  Then she pushed aside a bunch of the vines in one rough shove.

The vines wanted to crawl back in, pulling back around the body, pulling back around Abby, but she grabbed what she was looking for – the chain of the necklace around the corpse’s neck – and pulled hard. Continue reading




There was paperwork, or at least the sort that involved moving small pieces of green paper between people.  It wasn’t like this place wanted a trail.  

And then there was the woman who had trapped him originally passing his ownership over, and then there was the matter of removing the shackles, the leather belt, the ankle restraints, and the thick steel collar.  The woman paused for a moment, raised her eyebrows. Continue reading