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BeePocalypse 3: The More Things Change…

First: The Testers

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Slowly, very slowly, Kelly turned around.  It was Reyansh, and yet it wasn’t.  His face was more pointed, his eyes bigger and also more pointed, his skin looked iridescent, and he had wings sprouting from his back, bug-like wings that glimmered in iridescent blues.  “The Bees, their most potent attack was their most subtle.  They created something we’re calling a smart virus.  It mutates us, all in a hope of making our brains more susceptible to the Bee Hive’s commands.”

The green-blue woman filled in.  “Children born into this environment have almost no chance of surviving – they cannot withstand the immunization for the mind control, and second-generation physical alterations are almost always fatal in utero, if not soon afterwards.  They weren’t looking for a breeding population – or, we think, the ‘immunization’ against the mind control alters something that is meant to let us survive.” Continue reading

Purchase Agreement


Leander looked the man up and down.  He was not in a place where he could look very intimidating, but he did his best.

The man did no look intimidated.  Leander’s opinion of him went up a notch.  “So, are you interested?”

Leander’s opinion went up yet another notch. “I’m not in a position to have an opinion on things.”

“You are definitely in a position to have opinions, or you would not have started this discussion by telling me what you didn’t do.  The question is: do you do bodyguard work?’ Continue reading