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12:01.  The kiss had been kissed.  The champagne had been toasted.  The cheers had been cheered.

A sinking feeling in Julie’s stomach sent her out onto the patio and from there to the car.

What… something she’d forgotten.  Something…

“Shit.”  She had the car out of the driveway before she finished processing the thought. “Shift, fuck, DAMN.” Continue reading

Apocalypse Bingo!

I’m hosting Apocalypse Bingo over on Dreamwidth!

I’m trying something new – this bingo card has ==challenges== to it!  You can be going straight ahead and suddenly turn left!

I will takes prompts/suggestions on any of these that aren’t ==challenges==.  Since I’m hosting, I’m going to try to get a bingo and I’m going to try to take a route that leads me few at least a few challenges.

Come play along!  AllBingo is very friendly and easy to play along to! Continue reading