A Digression to figure out a word in Calenyen – Written for Patreon

Three conlang words: kaler, pailizdanon, and dieddetpaiz, with conScript "translation."

All right, today we’re figuring out the word for Diplomat, the title for many people to graduate Estiessyaa house.

Let’s see, the English etymology of the word… is one of those weird ones, where state papers come from the Greek word for folded paper.

I’m thinking blunted-spear is the word for diplomacy.

And it looks like I have:

paiterz, snow-spears, with the quote “The Cālenyena call almost everything long and pointy a spear. When all you have is a hammer, etc.”

The Arran/West coast word for spear-leaf: adavijamin (Spear-blade is adavi in that language)


pailizdanon, dragonfly – Spear, bright-rainbow, that, ~moves through the air~

Pai? must be spear

I’m going to digress for a moment to point out that we have peaceful meetings:

Two sorts of meetings of two tribes: peaceful and violent, kozhrooklel, kozhrookgut.

From kozhrooklel and -laizh we get the idea of trading, a profitable pleasant meeting: kozhrooklellaizh, which over time became kozellaiz, trade.

From Kozellaiz and tap came tapkozhzellaizh, Go to trade, which became tapzellaizh and from that, over a long time, came tappaizh /tap ‘īzh/, from “go to a peaceful, profitable gathering of tribes” to “road”, the thing on which you go to those tribes.

And here’s a treaty:

The Calenyena word for a treaty is Gaaneg, from gaaven(obsolete), bound, and geg, rope.

And some other weapons:

zēzu (zee-zuh) – knife
tazhō (tah-zhoo) – sword

Right, back to spear.
I have spear things but, as far as I can tell, no spears!
Paiz, spear. Blunt, tyet

tyetteppaiz, a spear, blunted (in the bad sense)

Tetpaiz, a spear, blunted purposefully and for use.

SPEAK!  Speak is Koor

(to give voice to is telkoor)

One who, like -er: Died

Diedkoor, a Speaker


Speaker with blunted spear.

The Calenyen almost never use that word, however, preferring Dieddetpaiz.

And thus the diplomats take as their Trade-name Diedetpaiz. *nods*

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