Another word for Edally / Reiassan

Eseme put herself in Textiles House, so I needed a title.

Okay, this one is going to get a bit complicated.

We’re looking for a broad term for textiles-maker.

In the looking for this work, we found, ah, embroidery:

from tyek, a word for drawing.

you end up with benyentyek, bentyek, art-with-a-needle, embroidery.

We also found:

Make, to create, to craft: Tair (this word, from an old word meaning “skill,” which can also be seen in -tairook, “with care” or “with practiced care”)

So what we’re looking for is “Maker of”, which is different from “Person who-“; this one is Taizh.

And then we need textiles.

Now, the Calenyna have several different words for cloth, depending on the source and purpose.

Pazit-tur, paztur, is goat-cloth, felt.

demriem is loom-stuff (dem- being stuff-of), woven clothe.

So a maker of textiles is generally a Taizhriem

Beause the Calenyena drop syllables wherever they can.

Thus Eseme is Taizhriem Ziezamaizai.  

Taizh rhymes with Tie, riem is said like ream-of-paper.  Zeez zam-like-Sam, maiz, my’s; zai rhymes with tie.

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