This is to [personal profile] clare_dragonfly‘s prompt to this bingo card.

It fills the “Accidental Marriage” square.

It is part of my Space Accountant setting and comes after Taking Chances.

“So you see…” First Mate Cleonorayen Clyd looked uncomfortable. Genique would have felt bad for her, but she was rather busy feeling bad for herself.

“No, I don’t see.”

“It’s space law. It only has to last a year – but it has to last a year.”

“Do you have any idea how much a kid could bankrupt me in a year?”

“I don’t suppose ‘you should have thought of that before you signed the bunking form’ will fly, will it?”

“I was asking for a bigger bed! The Quartermaster said I had to!”

“Ah.” Clyd laughed. “That explains everything.”

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0 thoughts on “Accident

  1. The Quartermaster who gave her the very steamy look, and to whom she complained about being the old maid again …? (Is she married to the Quartermaster, or someone else the Quartermaster set her up with, or …?)

  2. Hmm… Hmm… Since Clyd started nervous but then laughed I’m guessing that reveal showed the situation to be not-so-bad. Hopefully. Paperwork is dangerous stuff!

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