A Meme and a Writing Game – ask my characters things!

Okay! I stole this from [personal profile] balsamandash, whose post is here; they stole it from [personal profile] thebonesofferalletters, whose post is here. And because October goes up to 31, I have 31 characters. The characters are from 15 different settings (Counting Fae Apoc, Addergoole, & Doomsday as separate…) so there’s a good chance your favorite setting is on here.

Here’s the game. I have a set of characters numbered from 1 to 31. You may ask them any questions you’d like, and you can keep the conversation going. You can ask them ICly or just as yourself. They will respond with an honest* answer and as people ask questions, I will update the post with who correlates to what number.

* they might lie!

You can:
ask multiple questions to one character.
ask questions of as many characters as you’d like.
ask the same question to different characters.
ask more questions of characters that have already been revealed.
ask additional/clarification/tangential questions in response to answers.
jump in on another answer/conversation if the subject sounds interesting to you and/or your character.
use original or fannish characters to ask/comment
leave your own character for people to ask questions to if you want, be it as a list form or as a singular character who you would like to play with.

1. Tess – The Planners
2. Rin – Reiassan/Rin & Girey
4. Aoife – Vas’ World
13: Basimontin –Space Accountant
14. Aquilina – Doomsday Academy
16. Reynard – Fae Apoc
29. Evangaline – The Aunt Family
30. Edora – Things Unspoken

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21 thoughts on “A Meme and a Writing Game – ask my characters things!

    • I only got the basic education, you know, what every rat gets shipboard. My mom was an engineer on the big ships, and that’s where I grew up, moving from gig to gig with her, learning my letters and my numbers with captains’ kids and the rich passengers.

        • Well, I mean, I followed my mom and her co-workers around a lot. So I know my way around an engineering department pretty well. And I have, uh, the practical education. Not enough to get a job on a cruise ship or any of the swank places, you know, but enough for actually making a ship go.

          • So, if I were hiring an engineering crew I’d probably want you over some kid who’s done the courses but hasn’t actually done the job yet? Assuming I can’t hire you both.

    • I went to Cornell for my undergrad work, back on Earth – I grew up in New England, and I’ve always been interested in botany. Then I went to Aster-Christie on Edalon IV for my grad work, and then I did an internship and then a fellowship on Osteron, you now, the botany test world. All that, and there’s still people that question my qualifications…

  1. #20: what prompted you to leave home? Was it worth it? #31: what era’s/culture’s clothing have you always wanted to regularly dress in? (For comfort, fashion, niftiness, oddity, or any other reason.)

    • I like lavender, I always have. And violet and purple and blue. When I was very little, my mother made me a dress that had lavender flowers all over it, a pretty calico pattern. We made up a story about it, that it would protect me from all the stink and decomposition in the world, all the moths that wanted to chew holes in my achievements. I planted lavender in the garden that year, and I’ve planted it every year since. When everything fell apart, there was lavender. While we rebuilt everything, lavender. It’s very comforting, and it reminds me of my mother, and days when fabric came on bolts from fabric stores.

    • I enjoy riding, especially with Her Imperial Highness. There are quite a few lovely places to do so out in the country; when we were younger, it was a game to see how far we could get from the minders and guardians. Now, it’s nice just to have some time to breathe. I enjoy reading, especially unauthorized histories, those from other nations or the rough edges of the Empire’s territory. And sometimes I enjoy a quiet drink or two with friends old and new.

        • Well, I suppose I could, and there are times I’ve looked into a particularly interesting piece of heresy, but even when one is the companion of an Imperial Princess, one has to be careful, you understand.

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