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Running in the Bear Empire 66: Father Snake

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She stuck her head carefully back into the door of the Emperor’s Waiting room, guiding three Claw who she was fairly certain were faithful.  Aucheria lowered the bow and nodded.  

“Any luck with information?”  She and Carrone had been searching side- compound from here for what seemed like hours, but they had only been attacked once, and that by a confused and worried kitchen staffer. 

“A few things.”  Aucheria gestured to the side, where a Fang of the Serpent was bound, gagged, and looking a bit green.  “The potion of tongue-loosening is brewing, but I had trouble getting Mesaruxenne to agree to it, and without his consent-“ Continue reading

A Blog Post: NanoWrimo Wrap-Up

 Hey all.

The last … um… Autumn has been a bit nuts.

New therapist! Tried three new ADHD drugs (#3 might be a winner). Got sick for most of October (probably drug #1). NaNaWriMo and a new wordcount record in November.

Then Wednesday my dad had surgery to clean plaque out of his carotid artery.

So uh. It’s been a pretty nuts season. Continue reading