Archive | December 23, 2019

Livewriting Day


When should I do a livewriting day this year?

(A day where I write most of the day (with breaks) in a GoogleDoc or maybe in Twitch too??, at least in part to your prompts)

Options include:

Thursday 12/26

(less ideal) Sunday 12/29

Monday 12/30

Tuesday 12/31

If you don’t think you’ll prompt or stop in (to the Docs window or if there’s a Twitch feed or if you have some other interesting suggestion for how to write in my cave for all y’all to read it while I write), no real need to chime in, TBH, but the more people who prompt/stop in, the happier I’ll be. 😀

Hidden Mall Epilogue 2: INTERACTIVE

“Abs. Abseil. Abigail Abseiling Abs!”

Abby blinked. She looked at Olly, trying to keep Evil-Abby in her view still. “Olly?”

“It’s not real. She’s not real, it’s okay, it’s okay, she’s not real. Look, Abs, okay? Just look.”

Abseil made herself look. The Abby hadn’t moved. She still didn’t move. She was — taller than Abseil? No, standing on a short plinth.

She was a statue?

“Waxworks,” Liv muttered. She squeezed Abseil’s hand tightly. “It’s a statue. Like a historical rendering? Mall — right?” Continue reading