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Purchase Negotiation 28: Collegiate

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“It’s gonna be a blast.  Right.”  Leander snorted. “All right.”  Leander looked at himself in a mirror.  “I don’t look stupid.”

“You look – may I?”

He was not going to get used to the way she asked permission before touching him, but he nodded.  She ran her hands over his face, over his shoulders, looked at him again. “There. You look like a college kid.  Kinda nervous, new school, meeting your girlfriend’s friends, that’s fine. Try not to punch too many of them, okay?”

“I’m only gonna punch someone if you ask me to, if they grab me some way I don’t like, or if they’re gonna hurt you.”  He grimaced. It came out sounding half street thug and half military. “Damnit, I can look like a college kid all I want -“

“Doesn’t matter.”  She patted his shoulder. “Works, actually. So. You went straight into the military, can’t tell people what you were doing, classified, you’d have to kill them.  I have a guess that there’s more truth in that than you’ll want me to know, so that works out pretty well. Less lies to keep straight.”

There was the big, giant lie of being her boyfriend still to contend with, but – well, they were going to have one of those lies no matter what.  He was pretty sure her friends wouldn’t be all that cool with “my dad bought him to protect me.”

“Okay.  Military.”  He rolled his shoulders.  “This is nuts.” Continue reading